Year 5 – Crocky trail day trip

Day trip to Crocky trails 

Year 5 had an amazing time today at Crocky Trails, we worked together doing some team building exercises and showed amazing resilience not giving up even when the tasks were tough ! Miss Mathews, Mrs Duffy, Mrs Cooper, Miss Wilson & Mr Williamson were very proud of each and everyone of us in their groups and enjoyed helping us making marvelous muddy memories.


Watch us ride “The Titanic” and see who can last the longest without slipping !

The Titanic ride

Next watch us on The Flying Saucer ride, at first we all got flung off straight away which was still good fun, but then we worked out if we supported each other by sitting in a full circle around the ride with our legs stretched out and linking our arms together , we would stay on the ride for longer without flying off !

This was a great team plan which worked  👍🏼

The Flying Saucer ride

 Year 5 Parent Sessions

History Focus: The Ancient Maya

Our parents loved getting creative, helping us create and decorate our Maya masks.


Our parent’s love to come into class and get creative with us !