Year 5 Learning Challenge

Learning Challenge Topic: Science
(Changing Materials)

Could you be the next CSI investigator?

This half-term Year 5 have been carrying out lots of practical experiments. Here are some photographs of us in action…

Today we carried out an experiment to explore materials that are soluble and insoluble.


We tested different materials to see which was an electrical insulator, and which was an electrical conductor. We created a circuit, adding the different materials to see if electricity flowed through the materials to the bulb.


We tested different materials to find out the best insulator of heat.


Learning Challenge Topic: Geography (Brazil)

Why is Brazil in the News?

This half-term Year 5 have been immersed in Brazilian Cultures and Traditions. We have located and labelled Brazilian cities, Brazil and its neighbouring countries. We also used the 4D room and Virtual Reality (VR) goggles to explore the cities and its human and physical characteristics.


Year 5 have delved into their new topic already, experiencing a taste of Brazil!