Year 2 Parent Sessions

We love it when our parents and carers come in to class to help us with our learning!

Thanks to all our lovely parents and carers that came in to ‘share a story with us,’ on World Book Day.

In Spring 1 we enjoyed making collages of The Great Fire of London. Whilst we were ripping, tearing and scrunching we were telling our parents and carers all about our learning. Did you know the fire started in a bakery on Pudding Lane? or that Samuel Pepys wrote a diary all about what happened?


Our parents and carers loved coming to see our Christmas show, “Whoops a Daisy Angel.” We worked so hard learning our lines, dances and songs. Everybody was so proud of us!

During Autumn 1, our parents and carers helped us to draw and paint the iconic buildings of our beautiful city. Whilst we were out on our trip to the Liverpool Museum, we took a stroll along the water front and around the docks. We took photographs, which we then used to  sketch, colour mix and paint our masterpieces!