Year 2 Learning Challenge

We’ve been describing materials and finding out how we use them everyday. Why isn’t a pillow made out of brick? Why are windows transparent? Why are wellington boots made of rubber and not cotton?

We investigated the properties of materials using slime. We love getting messy!




We really enjoyed making gingerbread men, it put lots of our skills to the test. We used our knowledge of measures from maths to correctly weigh out the ingredients. We used all we’ve learnt in English about instructional texts to follow the recipe preciously, AND we investigated the properties of the gingerbread before and after going into the oven! What an afternoon!

In Spring 2 we are looking forward to answering the question, “Why isn’t our school made from gingerbread?” Watch this space for some exciting scientific experiments!

In Spring 1 we asked “How would we tackle the Great Fire of London?” We have learnt all about life in 1666 and compared it to how we live today. We used the 4D room to really explore how it would have felt to have been there.

Our Learning Challenge question for Autumn 2 was ‘Would a dinosaur make a good pet?’

We did some research and found out some amazing facts about dinosaurs, their habitats, how they survived and how they became extinct.

We turned into palaeontologist and went digging for fossils to help us find out more…

Then we had a surprise visit, first we met baby T-Rex…we knew the egg Miss Archer was keeping in our classroom had cracked a little too much…

and then we met fully grown T-Rex…

We were very brave but we all decided that a dinosaur wouldn’t make a very good pet!


Our first Learning Challenge of the year was ‘Why is Liverpool such a boss place to live?’

We leant all about the Liver Birds, Bertie and Bella, the iconic Three Graces and the River Mersey. We took a trip to the Liverpool Museum where we saw a breath taking landscape of the Liverpool waterfront and sang Beatles songs. We were also lucky enough to take a guided tour of Anfield Stadium. Year 2 are football crazy! Liverpool really is a boss place to live!