Wow Moments!

In Early Years we plan Wow moments every half term to engage our children and give them a wide range of experiences. Here are a few exciting things we’ve been doing this year….

In October we went on an Autumn walk around our local park. We explored the area looking for signs of Autumn.


In November we were learning about People Who Help Us. We invited some important visitors into school. Firefighters came in to show us their fire-engine and equipment. They also told us about what a day in a Fireman’s life is like! A Nurse from the local area also came to visit. We asked her questions to find out about what she does and how she helps people. Lot’s of us now want to be Nurses and Firefighters!



In December we had a very special visitor. He brought us presents for working so hard this term!!


In February we celebrated Chinese New Year. We were given a Chinese Dragon dance lesson. Gong Hei Fat Choy!



In March the farm sent us some eggs in an incubator. We watched them hatch into chicks. We looked after the chicks, feeding them everyday, keeping their house clean and giving them lots of strokes and cuddles.


Acorn farm came in to school and we had a lovely time feeding, holding and learning more about all of their gorgeous animals!