Welcome to Year 4 maths!

This half term we are focusing on Geometry!

I think the universe is pure geometry – basically, a beautiful shape twisting around and dancing over space-time.

Watch this space to find out all about our learning!







Let’s guess our friend’s shape! We described our 3D shape using our key vocabulary and guess what… they got it right!!

Look at our shapes we had to investigate… I wonder, can you tell us how many edges, faces and vertices a hexagonal prism has?














Now for a challenge… Can we create a cube using 12 pieces of wire?

We spotted that the wire represented the edges of our cube and began there!

Some of our friends began to help…


And we completed it with 30 seconds left to go!


We love to challenge ourselves in maths! Can you answer these question? We can!

At Faith we enjoy using concrete apparatus to solve problems…

Sometimes we use mental and written strategies…