Phonics at Faith

At Faith Primary School, we have developed our own Phonics Programme of Study incorporating the Read Write Inc. scheme to support the teaching of phonics across Early Years and Key Stage One.

Phonics sessions take place every day in small focused groups for all Early Years and Key Stage 1 children. Within these daily phonics sessions, children are taught five key skills. They learn how to: 

  • To recognise phonemes and graphemes
  • To form graphemes correctly and in line with the school handwriting policy
  • To blend and segment
  • To identify the phonemes in words
  • To Read and write tricky / high frequency words

Our sessions are designed to be fun and active and follows a ‘revisit’, ‘teach’, ‘practice’ and ‘apply’ structure. Phonics assessment is ongoing formative assessment by teachers during and after the sessions, and each half term children complete a summative phonics assessment. This is to ensure all children are making progress and to identify any gaps in knowledge.

Children who do not reach the national standard at the end of Year 1 are given extra support during Year 2 to help them achieve the national standard at the end of Key Stage 1.