Our Christian Family

Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid or troubled, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”   Joshua 19


Here at Faith Primary School, the Gospel Values are at the heart of everything we do. Below are just some of the ways we celebrate being part of God’s family.

Collective Worship

Children spend time every day taking part in Collective Worship. Children and staff are encouraged to participate fully with the importance put on creating a prayerful and reflective atmosphere to make this time special.

During daily worship, teachers may use a range of stimulus such as: song, music, candles, flowers, scripture, formal and informal prayers, poetry, books, posters, mime and silence. There is a balance between formal and informal prayer intentions and a time to allow for spontaneous worship and celebrations. Attitudes of praise, thanksgiving and contrition are developed.

This is a time for sharing joy, sorrow, news and events. It is a time for us to come together to celebrate and give thanks; to worship God, to reflect on personal belief, to encourage faith and to respond to and celebrate life. Silence is valued for both collective and personal communion with God.

As each class teacher knows their children personally, this experience is most meaningful; children and staff get a sense of belonging and fellowship. Children will also have the opportunity to lead these acts of worship. Children of other faiths are included in and encouraged to pray alongside us.

This form of Collective Worship is always adapted to the age and development stage of the pupils. Staff are most sensitive to the needs and concerns of the children in their care.

We are extremely fortunate to work alongside our two churches, St Peters and SFX, and are lucky enough to have Fr Denis, Fr Henry Corbett and Debbie Reynolds deliver our collective worship on a Tuesday morning as well as the RE Co-ordinator, Mrs Martin and the Head of School, Miss Williams.

Collective worship provides an opportunity for sharing ideas and thoughts with a larger group. Through these, we aim to contribute to our children’s religious education. Through well-chosen themes we also link into British Values, SMSC, core subjects and foundation subjects. We seek to enrich our pupils’ experiences and we encourage the community to participate. To ensure breadth and depth to the children’s experience, a variety of methods are used, including music, drama, story, art and artefacts.

Each Monday and Friday, we share and praise our children’s’ achievements, successes, work and attendance. Play Leaders also have an opportunity for peer – peer recognition of successes as well as adult successes in ‘Grown Up Of The Week’.

Worship Warriors

We are so excited to be beginning our Worship Warriors training with some of our Year 5 and 6 pupils! The after school club sessions enable the pupils to lead Assembly/Collective Worship for other children in school later that week. This half term we have been learning about the stories of Ruth and Gideon. Check out our use of costumes and props during our rehearsals last week!


Faith In Action

Faith in Action is a programme delivered by Debbie Reynolds from SFX Church to our Year 5 children. Year 5 have a great time so far this year and are learning so much!

Parish Links

Fr Denis Blackledge

St Francis Xavier’s Roman Catholic Church (SFX)

Salisbury St, Liverpool L3 8DR


Rev. Henry Corbett

St Peters Church of England Church

29 Langrove St, Liverpool L5 3PE