Curriculum Overview


At Faith we aim to deliver a curriculum that is responsive to children’s needs and values them as individuals. We ensure that our curriculum is broad and balanced and gives our children the skills in order to narrow the gap and be able to leave us closer to Age Related Expectations. In order to ensure rapid progress, teaching in Nursery focuses mainly on the prime areas. As children progress into Reception the prime areas are still present in teaching but children also begin to explore the specific areas of learning in greater depth.

Areas of Learning


We want our children to leave Early Years as competent independent learners and therefore our curriculum is heavily influenced by the characteristics of effective learning; Playing and Exploring, Active Learning and Creativity and thinking critically.

We acknowledge the potential for learning in every activity and situation that arises. Our aim is to provide a secure and stimulating environment in which children flourish and learn to make sense of the real world. We make every child feel valued and give them the confidence to become active learners. Our activities provide first hand experiences through play and discussion, children are encouraged to interact with others, to move about and explore a wide variety of learning situations. There are well-planned areas of provision with a wide range of activities, resources and materials available. Opportunities are provided for sustained activity and continuous provision, as well as spontaneous, self-chosen activities. It is highly important that children experience success, have fun and enjoy themselves whilst learning therefore this is our priority when planning and teaching our curriculum.